Thursday, July 9, 2009

Be afraid.Be very afraid?

I'm afraid of elves and vikings,
graves yielding out the dead;
of gremlins,rats and dragons,
things crawling under the bed.

The Loch Ness monster scares me,
as do ghosts and jungle swine.
Things i know that don't exist;
send shivers down my spine.

We're all afraid of something,
for reasons left unclear.
Spiders,snakes or shellfish.
What is it that you fear?

Some fears are dark,some fears are deep;
some deal with matters of the heart.
What if I fall?What if I fail?
Will it tear my world apart?

What if my heart is broken?
Will it recover from the pain?
A wound so deep it can't be washed;
by the heaviest of the rains.

To bear the loss of someone close;
to whom the heart is dear.
The thought itself grips my soul-
with an immense sense of fear.

What is this fear that captures us?
And cripples us with its might.
In its bondage will you stand enslaved?
Or gain the strength to fight?

Just stop a moment.Wait and think.
Think about what I have said.
And face this fear in the grounds of war;
from which many a fool have fled.

Fear not even the knell of death;
resounding loud and clear.
When the sun's about to set on you,
and the end of life is near.

But mistake not,O, for bravery,
as being the absence of fright.
Learn from that piece of coal which burns ;
with most illuminating light.

So set ablaze and banish the creeping darkness in your heart.
Stand victorious,tall and mighty.Hear the message I impart.

Not monsters,yetis,aliens,
not ghouls or barking deer.
There's only one thing to be afraid of.
And that,my friend,is fear.

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