Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Topic Generator #5 - An Ode. To Parachute.

Jab lagati ho Parachute
To lagti ho bahut hi cute!

Tumhein office jaate dekhna ek nazara tha!
Balcony mein khade hone ka bas ek bahaana tha!
Kaala suit, tie, aur boot
Aur baalon mein Parachute

Tumhaare baalon mein lage nariyal
Se ho gaya hoon main ghayal
Ab bas yahi hai mere dil ki khvahish -
Tumhare haathon se sar ki ek champi maalish!

Kisi aur ne kiya hoot toh kar doonga main usey shoot!
Jab ghoomogi apne baalon mein lagake – Parachute.

Kasam khaata hoon main of this tel –
Ho kar rahega humara mel
Baby, samajhna tum isey ek khel 
Acche acchon ko kar doonga main fail !

Tumhare yeh kale aur ghane zulf
Makes me want to howl like a wolf.
Aur yeh dheemi jasmine ki sugandh
Karti hai mere iraade buland.

Jab lagati ho Parachute
To lagti ho bahut hi … cute!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Topic Generator #4 - Love story of a consultant

Deloitte is a huge company, and you meet all sorts of people. Some inspire, some motivate, some irritate. And some simply catch your fancy. So here's a little dedication to all those cute guys and girls who caught your attention at some point : -

He came into my life like a client's change request -
It was just the right time - my break-up had left me depressed.

He was to my senses like a breathe of fresh air!
My ex? I've "rolled off" that project. As if I even care!

For both of us it'll be smooth sailing - there will be no defects.
It's not for nothing that I'm an expert at "design, build and test". ;)

My ex is acting like tech support. He seems to have raised an issue.
"Stop getting so BUG-ged!" I tell him, "if you want I'll hand you a tissue".

But lately writing letters to you is where I've been charging all my time...
I'd love to be on "bench" with you...I hope that's not a crime!

My data is not loading - there's some problem with the server.
I'm thinking - "Should I ask him to join me for a burger?"

I swear when I saw you in that black shirt my heart skipped a beat...
Wait. Is that the new intern sitting next to Himi's seat?!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Random Topic Generator 3 - Tide ki safedi.

Ragad ragad ke bana diya apni black shirt ko white

Frustration mein tumne bola – this detergent is just not right!

Phir tumhaare dost ne kaha – is detergent ko rakho side,  

Kyun na try karo use karna – naya detergent Tide !

Ek baalti mein powder daala jaise ek chutki sindoor

Ramesh babu bhi na dhoondh sake ek daag, door door!

Aur phir aapke kapdo mein aai aisi chamak- 

Jaise Gujarat ke beaches pe sookh raha ho namak.

Toh ladkon ko agar karna chahti hain aap impress,

Toh peheniye sirf Tide se dhuli hui dress. 

Aur ladke karenge aapka haath pakadne ke liye fight!

Yaad rakhiye – Agar bhokaal tight, toh future – bright! B-)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Random Topic Generator #2 - You've won a free ride. To Space.

As we entered Kennedy Space Center, I saw a huge rocket.
A big, burly man walked up to us and said - "Ladies and gentlemen, please empty your pockets."

As I sat in my chair, Penny let out a small cough,
And then the sound of music to my ears - "3 - 2 - 1 - Blast off!!"

"Ooh!" I said, "Aliens, Martians and weird creatures!"
And off we went, on our little space adventure.

We saw meteors, craters, and huge asteroids!
I was so excited I took a picture on my Polaroid!

As we looked down, the Earth looked like a little green dot;
And Sheldon walked up to me and said, "Hey! You're sitting in my spot!"

Because of loss of gravity, soon we all were floating -
Poor Rajesh had a burger for lunch. I think he was bloating.

As we entered the Milky way, Leonard looked a little hesitant.
"Are you sure?" he asked, "You know I'm lactose intolerant."

We all watched, amazed - Amy counted the rings of Saturn,
Bernadette was cranky. Travel upsets her sleeping pattern.

After what seemed like a light year, we landed back on mother Earth.
And the first thing I heard was Mrs. Wolowitz joyously scream - "Howw-aa-rrrd !!!"