Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random Topic Generator #8 - Has mat pagli, pyar ho jayega.

"Nano ke ishare hain bade hi naughty -
Speed nahi exceed karti kabhi above 40"

Agar daala meri jaan pe, kisi ne pyar ka jaala,
Buri nazar vale, uska hoga muh kaala!

International license pe ghumaunga tujhe overseas,
 Bas haske ek baar kehde - "Horn OK, please?" "

Par is pyar ke izhar se ghabra gayi meri nano.
"You're out of my league", she said - "Tum bade aadmi ho.

I know we are perfect together - you are strong and I am stylish;
But I won't be able to keep up with you - bahut kam hai meri mileage.

Your adventurous lifestyle - on the highways of Punjab
Makes me always feel that my city life is so drab!

With kilos of cargo, for miles you can drive;
While I am only big enough for a family of five!"

"But pyar main tumse karta hu, koi aur na mujhko bhaata -
Not Mahindra, not Leyland - for me it's only Tata!

Every time you pass me by, you simply drive my crazy.
My speedometer accelerates and my headlights turn hazy.

My wipers start whirring, I break into a sweat,
That is how nervous in your presence, I get."

She blushed at my gesture, she smiled at my words.
She stifled a laugh, her engine slightly purred.

"I know a little place", she whispered, "It's right behind the Taj ;
Nobody comes there right now - it's an abandoned garage."

As she stepped close to me I felt a shiver of delight -
Gentlemen, don't forget - to use dipper at night.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Internship

Okay, not so great maybe. But that's the first idea that came to mind for this movie! Apart from food, of course. Already thinking of a better way to do the next one :P

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Just started using photoshop so thought of doing something fun. It's only when I started looking for pictures of our dear Tuffy that I found the same idea has been implemented elsewhere.

In any case, this was fun! Hope to do more of this stuff soon! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Random Topic Generator #7 - 'Searching' for you.

It’s a surprise you joined Google right after your diploma
I’ve been finding you all this while – down the pathways of MOMA

I can stare at you all day – looking through my Google Glass
I can follow you everywhere – from Twitter to Madras.

Everywhere I look I see you – like remarketing on GDN,
I try to run into you – again, and again and again.

Just looking at you makes my heart beat faster than the speed of Chrome,
Please let me set your Plus profile as a favorite on my home.

I’ve given away my heart to you, I feel like an Android
My dreams are all about you, as would say a certain Freud.

I’m going to set time on your calendar and ask you on a date,
The room is booked for half an hour, so try not to be late.

For you I can make an exception and meet you Out of Office
Where I can hear your every Word, and we never run out of topics.

Don’t think about what to wear – come on and just be Googley.
Relax and have a KitKat - everything will go smoothly.

For when the head is held high and the mind is without fear,
Don’t forget to mark your attendance on go/iamhere.