Thursday, June 5, 2014

Random Topic Generator #7 - 'Searching' for you.

It’s a surprise you joined Google right after your diploma
I’ve been finding you all this while – down the pathways of MOMA

I can stare at you all day – looking through my Google Glass
I can follow you everywhere – from Twitter to Madras.

Everywhere I look I see you – like remarketing on GDN,
I try to run into you – again, and again and again.

Just looking at you makes my heart beat faster than the speed of Chrome,
Please let me set your Plus profile as a favorite on my home.

I’ve given away my heart to you, I feel like an Android
My dreams are all about you, as would say a certain Freud.

I’m going to set time on your calendar and ask you on a date,
The room is booked for half an hour, so try not to be late.

For you I can make an exception and meet you Out of Office
Where I can hear your every Word, and we never run out of topics.

Don’t think about what to wear – come on and just be Googley.
Relax and have a KitKat - everything will go smoothly.

For when the head is held high and the mind is without fear,
Don’t forget to mark your attendance on go/iamhere.


  1. such a geek man !!! :P
    haha .. kidding, very interesting blog. love the header ! :)