Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Topic Generator #4 - Love story of a consultant

Deloitte is a huge company, and you meet all sorts of people. Some inspire, some motivate, some irritate. And some simply catch your fancy. So here's a little dedication to all those cute guys and girls who caught your attention at some point : -

He came into my life like a client's change request -
It was just the right time - my break-up had left me depressed.

He was to my senses like a breathe of fresh air!
My ex? I've "rolled off" that project. As if I even care!

For both of us it'll be smooth sailing - there will be no defects.
It's not for nothing that I'm an expert at "design, build and test". ;)

My ex is acting like tech support. He seems to have raised an issue.
"Stop getting so BUG-ged!" I tell him, "if you want I'll hand you a tissue".

But lately writing letters to you is where I've been charging all my time...
I'd love to be on "bench" with you...I hope that's not a crime!

My data is not loading - there's some problem with the server.
I'm thinking - "Should I ask him to join me for a burger?"

I swear when I saw you in that black shirt my heart skipped a beat...
Wait. Is that the new intern sitting next to Himi's seat?!!

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  1. Haha. This was brilliant. I can totally imagine you saying the last line in person.
    I didn't cathch a lot of the jargon though :-)