Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Confessions of an i.t lab

i miss having you around and the PJz that you used to crack.
but all those times,that fun and just doesn't come back.
i miss the shit that we used to talk.the secrets that we shared.
you always listened patiently to whatever that i said.
i know that i have hurt you but is it hard for us to patch?
your good heart i have not found in anyone in the batch.
you said with me around you just don't feel all that grand.
its probably not easy for you and i guess i understand.
but if not everyone,at least start talking to me
from my distressed heart,this is a humble plea.
you feel that preventing this is going to make you stronger-
but all i'm really asking for is just some idle banter.
things are not so bad.just give it some time to think.
i have to go t.a is shouting.his ears are going pink.

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