Saturday, August 22, 2009

Talking The Talk

Our scene opens.DAIICT,our very own Resource Centre.The same old-hushed environment.The same old-exams round the corner.The same old great day outside.The same old-students cribbing in hushed whispers.About the exams round the corner.And the great day outside.

Student 1(4th year):" These clement climes coerce me to cause a cessation in my cogitation. "

Student 2(3rd year):" Dude the weather is awesome!!! i just CANNOT study.By the way,that thing you said right now,cool tongue twister ! "

Student 3(4th year):" I feel exalted enough to embark on an exhilarating excursion and effusively embrace nature. "

Uncomfortable silence.(Yes.Even for R.C.)Followed by slight shifting in chairs.Exchange of blank,confused looks.3rd year scratches head,wondering where he is stuck.What is going on.Why isn't his algorithm working.Why he is doing engineering.But Student 1 breaks his chain of thoughts before they reach the point of no return......

"You idiot!!That's not fair!! I haven't reached E !!"

If you're a fourth year,you PROBABLY have that slight knowing smile by now.Maybe nodding your head,thinking-yeah..been there,done that.Third year,yes,you'll get there in a while.Don't worry.Hang in there.Its all a matter of Word Power..being Made a certain gentleman called Norman Lewis,for that matter.For the rest of you -

Confused?Don't be.
It's GRE!!

Yes.I am talking about GRE( Graduate Record Examination®;a commercially run standardized test that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools principally in the United States, but also in other English speaking countries.Created and administered by Educational Testing Service,it primarily focusses on measuring verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning,critical thinking and analytical writing skills that are not related to any specific field of study.)
Kudos to you,Wikipedia.As always,you save the day.

Yes.I am talking about GRE.That one exam which has,as of now,quite literally,caught the imagination of all our fourth years.Its all they eat,sleep,or talk about.And it's not just's taking a toll on everyone around them as well!Sometimes in my sleep,I ACTUALLY hear all these words I hear being muttered around me all day.Oh..Wait..I think that was probably this fourth year playing her e-version of 'Barron's word list' right outside my room..But you get my drift,don't you?I mean it!You just need to have a five-no..wait..make that two..a two minute conversation with any of them;and you'll be bombarded with such a volley of words you've never even heard of,words you've never used,words you didn't even know existed- in this short span of time.And if you are unlucky enough to have more of them around you,they just hurl these things at you so hard that at the end of it,somehow you actually end up feeling physically abused,and questioning your - (at least what you'd thought till now)so-called good education.Man,talk about 'Word Power'.Third years,are you listening?

But of course,it has its perks too.Let me illustrate-the next time you see a fourth year around,don't say the mundane "hi" , "hello" or "what's up".Instead,just use some big word.Anything-It doesn't matter whether you know what it means or not-say,for instance,'whigmaleerie', or 'zugzwang',or 'atrabilious'.Yes,the first two ARE real words.(Ha.I bet half of them are already frantically looking them up on it out-just for fun.Believe me.It works like a charm.Even Harry Potter's spells fall flat.Because when you see the completely frazzled look on their faces,and the urgent scurrying in their bags- as they cry-"I don't remember reading this in Barron's!! How can this be!! I just finished 'A' last week!!" can't help but think-There are some things that money can't buy.Not even Master Card.

So,any fourth year whose ever annoyed you,or ticked you off in any way;say whenever there was some major event coming up in college,you were made to do the do i put this.."ground work",being conveniently dismissed on the pretext of "Oh come on!They're juniors!!They're meant to do stuff like that!You really think WE would do THAT?!" or when you're sitting with your friends acting a little goofy and they look at you and go "Tch-tch..juniors" with this roll of the eye and an "I'm too cool" expression of disgust on their faces like you've committed some sort of henious crime by playing with your friends in the rain (oh come they've never done that at some point!?!);well...This is your time! Just go 'gubernatorial'..and slowly.Observe.It's the stuff dreams are made of.Ahh..revenge is sweet,isn't it?As for me,well,after this,I am seriously considering going into hiding for the next few....months.Last but not the least-

Best of luck for your GRE ;)

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