Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Attempts at haiku

On a sunny afternoon I watch
our dog sleeping. The flowers wilt outside-
but my tea gets cold.

Stones, pebbles, mud, gravel, thunder-
gently wiping off a tear he asks
if it is raining outside.

Faces here and there, a quiet room
A promise to return-

The last one is a bad joke referring to my continuation of the activity :P


  1. I'm just going to write my interpretation of the first haiku that i mailed you :)

    accha its a far fetched assumption but since the poet used the word "BUT" i think he is trying to point out a contrast between the (dog, flower) and the tea.. haina?

    so if you think of it this way the dog is sleeping.. the flowers are wilting... ie drooping so we could take that as sleeping too... so both the flower and the dog are shown as in a passive mode... that is lacking any activity...

    BUT the tea is GETTING cold... its active :)

    i think this is what the poet means. :)

  2. heehee ;) thanks for commenting :P :)