Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Long posts?

The only reason I have not looked at my blog in SO long is because I am too lazy to sit and write a post. Or I think about writing a post, but can't think of enough matter that would exceed a Twitter status. But why not? I don't use twitter. Don't plan to. The micro-second talk-a-thon about my life doesn't appeal to me. Besides, (a standard excuse for anyone mildly boring) - "I work in I.T."  So 40 per cent of my day is really not tweet-worthy. :)

But let's not get negative here. Here's what to expect -

A link I find interesting.       A fun event I went to.          A dance class.         A joke.         
  A song, maybe. 


I'm actually feeling good after writing this utterly pointless post.

 See you soon.

Or not.

Open to interpretation :)

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