Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lame poem. I wrote :D

Love is a fashion, love is a trend -
love is something that never really lasts until the end.

So don't tell me your poems, letters or your stories of passion
for love is nothing - but just another passing fashion.

For those of you who are thinking - "wow. she must have had a really bad break up!"
Well you couldn't be more wrong - I have a date tonight. I just bought a lot of make up. ;)

I remember the days I had crushes when I was in school -
I tended to fall for guys who I used to think were cool.

Now that I've grown up and developed a little more sense;
all the guys i see around me just seem so very dense!

Ever since I started my professional life, and I have so much of work
I can't seem to find romance - it's hiding away from me - it seems to lurk.

Like all girls, I too think - "Someday my prince will come."
Till then, I tell myself, there's always high heels, coke and rum :P

All of us at some point, have felt like this on some day.
And still you don't compare love to something you see on the runway?

Someday when you are old and your teenage daughter is rummaging through your trunk
You will look at her and think to yourself - "Man, she behaves exactly like me when she's drunk!"

For objects once discarded always return in the form of retro-
and you see your daughter holding hands with an absolute punk; down at the metro.

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